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From the very outset, El Mundo translation office has provided the highest level of service.

Thanks to our work with a team of verified translators, reviewers and proofreaders, we are able to provide professional translating services characterised by the highest quality and confidentiality standards.

We offer comprehensive services in the fields of translation and interpretation:

  • Highly specialised translations and interpretations

  • Editing and verification of texts

  • Translations from foreign language into another

We want our customers to succeed in the multilingual world and would like to be a part of your success.


As one of the few translation agencies in Poland we have rich experience when it comes to translating from one foreign language into another.

Cooperation with the best translators

A key aspect of work in every translation agency is the precise selection of a translator whose skills suit the subject and character of a text – that is why we work with translators and professionals in specific fields: lawyers, engineers, doctors. We pay special attention to providing the highest quality of translation.

High quality of translation

Thanks to long-established quality assurance procedures, we are able to deliver a target text which accurately conveys the meaning of the source text while maintaining consistent terminology and rules of the target language. El Mundo translation agency supports companies and institutions in preparing specialist translations and interpretations.

To enable this we benefit from:

The precise selection of a translator whose skills suit the subject and character of the text
The highly qualified El Mundo team
Well-developed term bases and glossaries
A rich assortment of specialised dictionaries for various languages
Verification of a text, performed twice or even three times (by the translator, reviewers and specialists in a given subject, or by a native speaker should the translation be intended for publication)
Use of CAT tools (Computer Aided Translation tools) which support the translation process by maintaining consistent terminology

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We take pride in the transparency of our services. As a result we have gained the trust of our regular clients

Thanks to our precise quotations for translation services, our customers can be sure how much they will pay for the translation of a contract, user’s manual or website content.

References from our satisfied clients can be provided on request

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